JediBrain Universal App

JediBrain App has broad support and will work everywhere,regardless of whether you are on an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Surface Book, Smart TV, XboxOne or Apple Watch. It's built on the latest PWA technology and supports all the majorbrowsers.

Windows 10 Mobile
Step 1

Open the Microsoft Store app located in your start screen or from your app drawer.

Windows 10 Mobile
Step 2

From the Microsoft Store Home section, Tap the Search icon to search for apps.

Windows 10 Mobile
Step 3

Type JediBrain in the search input. JediBrain app will be listed in the search results. Tap the JediBrain app icon.

Windows 10 Mobile
Step 4

JediBrain app will be dispalyed under the APPS section in the Microsoft Store. Tap on the Install button.

Windows 10 Mobile
Step 5

Voilà! All done. Enjoy!

JediBrain app will get downloaded and installed in your mobile. Tap on the Open icon to launch the app.
Pin to Start screen to access the app anytime.

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