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JediBrain offers personalized learning content which includes vocabulary, pronunciation, translation, grammar, and literature for improving proficiency in Kannada, Hindi and English languages.

Our unique methodology emphasizes the content and exercises crafted by expert linguists and language teachers that empower learners to understand and learn another language.

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Learn the alphabet, words, prose, and poetry with the authentic articulation from the native speakers.

Place and manner of articulation, classification, with in-depthdetails of the alphabet are provided in your native language.

Each prose or poetry is narrated with precise audio, translation tool-tips to listen and learn. You can sing-along or have a storytelling experience.

Seamlessly switch between translations whether its native or alien.

Contextual Exercises

Learning Kannada, Hindi or English language is just a small piece of the puzzle. Start practicing with how to pronounce and write the alphabet.

Each lesson includes a hybrid of reading, listening, translation, images, and multiple choice challenges. Exercises are organized into easy, medium, hard and expert levels.

Throughout the learning process, instantly see which answers you get correct. If you miss a challenge, we'll promptly show you how to improve.

Unified Notifications

The unified notification system is reliable, easy to use and secure. All the communications sent from the school are delivered instantly on any device which you are connected online.

From daily classwork and homework notifications or it be scheduled exam chapters, holidays, project works, even the reminders, all get organized and displayed in one place.

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